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Buying a home is a complicated process. Throw “waterfront” into the mix, and things get more complex. Fortunately, real estate professionals who deal with waterfront properties on a regular basis know the ins and outs of the process. Jean Dunn has sold over 200 waterfront properties along the Peninsula. Her detailed knowledge of this unique real estate ensures you find the right property for the best price.

Waterfront property owners all agree that listening to nature, viewing sunsets, and spotting sea life makes the due process associated with a waterfront purchase worthwhile. However, on the path to realize the dream, here are some key points to consider:

Water not included

Bodies of water are not considered a part of private property in Canada. Ownership rests between the upland and aquatic land at high tide mark. Along the coast, this barrier line can vary year to year, so if you’re after sprawling home on a mountainous shoreline, it’s best to bring in a surveyor to assess the perimeter prior to buying.

To Dock or Not

Looking to dock your boat next to your property and save travel time to the marina? Zoning bylaws (which vary by municipality) need to be reviewed to better understand dock size and coverage potential. In some cases, you may only be able to upkeep an existing structure instead of building a new one.


Salt-water moisture can take its toll on even the most structurally sound properties. Consider the amount of workload that could result from annual weather, and talk to neighbours to get a feel for what is involved in keeping the property maintained.

Trespassing Allowed

Natural waterways through your grounds or near the property may be considered public property. Shorelines may also be considered public land by the government, which means that fencing and certain builds are not allowed. If you love the idea of chatting with fellow kayakers, fishers, hikers, or neighbours as they pass by your property, then living along a public shoreline is no sacrifice. But if you’d prefer absolute seclusion, a water view home may be a better fit.